Advancing the Kingdom Church is in the business of changing and shaping lives. We believe that everyone has an important role to play in advancing God's Kingdom, and we as a body of believers seek to edify and encourage each other in that gifting. We know that we are God's mouth piece, His arms and feet.

So together, armed with His Holy Spirit, we raise up victorious Christian disciples.

Joe Peno

Worship Leader

We believe that in the darkest battles as you begin to lift your hands, raise your voice, and WORSHIP, God will move and make a way! We strongly believe worship is a weapon of warfare and defeats the enemy!  Join us in this experience and offer your heart to the Lord and watch how He moves in your life and you receive VICTORY over the enemy!

Judy Davis

Intercessory Prayer Leader

Where would we be without prayer? At Advancing The Kingdom we firmly believe that prayer is the number one key to make Heaven move! Our team is trained and effective in moving the heavens as they pray.  We've witnessed countless healings, signs, and miracles during our services that we believe were ushered in through the prayers of our team!

Men's & Ladies


Men’s Fellowship
The men at ATK are creating bonds and growing one another in the Lord. They are striving to break new ground, and being a beacon of light throughout our community.

Ladies Fellowship
Meeting the first Saturday of each month at 10:00am

The ladies at ATK are set out to make a difference in our community. Growing in a sisterhood that is hard to break. Changing lives and spreading the love of Christ Jesus every chance they get.